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Duration: Oct 18, 2020 - Oct 24, 2020
Destination: Japan
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The Ohno’s Kaizen Method and Lean Transformation

We focus on total transformation, starting with engaged leadership with the Ohno Method to set the tone and inspire a culture of high morale and continuous improvement. Enna provides access and exposure to today’s greatest Lean innovators who learned from Taiichi Ohno and are advancing his methods today – no one has access to this other than Enna.

Greater Perspective to Transform Your Organization

You will come home with new insights and the true understanding of the DNA of Kaizen by learning Ohno’s methods.  This will change your perception of designing reliable management processes and developing true Lean leadership in your organization. You will also gain new wisdom to seamlessly integrate to sustain better business decisions, measurable actions, and total change for your organization.

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