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Lean Healthcare Tour Overview

With a strong focus on improving Flow, Engagement, Clinical Standard Work, Quality, VSM, PDCA, and Cost Reduction, our Lean Healthcare tours will open your eyes to how World-Class organization within the medical industry generate and sustain a true Kaizen culture and leadership.

Why Go To Japan, You May Ask?

Because this is where Lean concepts originated and were perfected by Toyota. The Healthcare industry across Japan adopted and succeeded at internalizing these revolutionary concepts of management into an independent and successful Lean Healthcare System. Enna has access to Lean hospitals and medical experts that no one else has due to our close relationship with Japanese medical professionals. This will be a great experience for any leader or student of continuous improvement. You will have one-on-one exclusive access to Lean healthcare thinkers and learn from their experiences and solutions. We have designed each hospital facility tour to highlight fundamental aspects of Lean Healthcare.

Overview of Enna's Lean Healthcare Tour

healthcare skill map

The tour will focus on how to create your own metrics and improvement principles, including how to remain care-focused and how to improve relevant measurements while increasing the care your patients receive.
nurses transporting a patient

You will be able to design your own Lean programs by understanding how Lean Medical Leaders measure and assess variation, design their team concepts, and their time-to-be-seen measurements.

Lean Healthcare Topics Covered

Lean Methodologies

Total Applicability of TPS, Kaizen, Flow, VSM, Daily Management, Visualization, Clinical Standard Work, PDCA, Multi-Skilled Operators, Safety and Quality Assurance, Proactive Root-Cause Problem Solving, Improving Workflow and Patient Care, Risk and Hazard Management, Systemizing Flow of Information

Organizational Goals

Policy Deployment (Hoshin-Kanri), Role of various levels of supervision, Respect to People, Engagement, Empowering Employees, Leadership Development, Increasing Hospital Operating Rate, Overcoming the Resistance to Change (Unions and Physicians)
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