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Our Ohno Study Mission:
Differentiate between Kairyo, Kaizen and Taiichi Ohno's Kaizen
Next Level to Kaizen for High/Mix Low/ Volume Industries
Sustainable Engagement of Employees
Apply Technology to Amplify Culture
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Ohno's Secret Model for Success - Beyond Lean
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The True Philosophy Behind JIT and Jidoka
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Exclusive Tour to Learn Ohno's Kaizen Methods

Ohno Leadership Training in Japan

Most Valuable Lean Tour to Japan

Taiichi Ohno is the genesis of the Toyota Production System. He left Toyota and for 10 years freely developed Kaizen for organizations not in the automotive industry. We are the only ones to have this heritage and direct learning from Mr. Yamada, Taiichi Ohno's designated successor. We want to share this with you and the world. His methods are all about unlocking organizational sustainability, creativity, and engagement. Now is the time to break out of the mold, to work together for success, to inspire others. If you are a manager or leader that wants to know what is next for the 21st century, we are authorized and trusted to show you and teach you Ohno's secret methods. The time to learn how is now. No matter what your industry, no matter what your level of understanding, you will find new heights, new methods, and revolutionary answers to your organizational challenges.

Total Distinction

You will gain understanding of Ohno's methodologies, application of his methods that will help you design more reliable management processes and develop true Kaizen leadership in your organization, as Ohno intended. You will gain the wisdom of how to seamlessly integrate technology, information systems, and Industry 4.0 to reach your future vision.

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Scope of Training Customization:

  • Access to any industry, process, and function with specific subject matters to explore to overcome your challenges
  • Different levels of training for self learning, supervisors, management, and executive leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Different levels of training activities ranging from sustainability projects supported with word-class traction experts and senseis all the way to executive management internships at best-in-class Lean organizations
  • Technical certification programs are offered to develop your own internal Lean trainers based on the newly discovered curriculum developed for Toyota and beyond.

Customizable Tour Options

Design and Develop Your Tour

Customizations based on your true requirements ensures focusing on developing the right mindset, flexible management process, synchronized information technology, and discovering new innovations.

Specialized Tours for Healthcare

With our experience we accommodate the complexities in applying Lean to hospitals, clinics, research facilities, and various administrative functions within the medical industry.
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Tour Leaders:

Enna's Jun Nakamuro leading a Japan Trip
Jun Nakamuro
Tour Director / Expert

Jun Nakamuro is endorsed to coach the Taiichi Ohno Method of Lean and Kaizen beyond Toyota. Since 2007, he has undergone extensive training in Japan and received certification following the TPS guidelines officially approved by Taiichi Ohno himself. Ohno’s most successful protégé, Hitoshi Yamada, has recognized Jun’s achievement and recognized him as a successor of Ohno’s philosophy. Jun specializes in realizing transformation changes in Process, Mindset, and Technology in a simultaneous manner.

Beyond conventional industry wisdom, he has persistently sought to understand Lean and Kaizen on a deeper level. Over the last decades, Jun has gained extensive experience coaching in various industries, including healthcare. Most importantly, Jun’s mission is to bridge cultural barriers in order to spread the best concepts of Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen Culture, Strategy Deployment, and bring the best of Kaizen, The Ohno Method, to organizations around the world.

Collin McLoughlin leads a group on a Japan Trip
Collin McLoughlin
President of Enna / Tour Leader

Since Collin’s first experience in Japan he has lead numerous trips and personally trained over 12,000 people in best-practice management. He co-discovered the advance methods of Taiichi Ohno and how to apply Industry 4.0 to Kaizen.  This is the secret that all need to know and Collin welcomes to share his knowledge.  If you have a problem, Collin knows that this training and experience in Japan will provide you with the right approach and techniques to solve your current and future challenges. He is so encouraged to see the growth of every participant on the Ohno Method Study Mission that it emboldens him to continue to offer this experience. It truly is a very rewarding job to help and see their growth in just 1 week together.

With Collin leading, you will have a perfect blend of scholastic aptitude, shop floor management, information system knowledge, organizational design experience, and executive experience that is unparalleled in applying theory to real-world application. Collin’s focus is always on coaching the participant with the knowledge necessary to succeed.

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