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A Proven Model for Success Beyond Lean
Open Enrollment: May 20-26, 2018
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The Study Mission:
customization of topics
expert guidance
support for many industries
focus on culture and leadeship
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A New Philosophy of Work and Leadership

The Ultimate Leadership Training in Japan

Up-coming open tours: May 20-26, 2018 l Oct 21-27, 2018
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Enna's Leadership Transformation Program in Japan

Next Available Training Dates in Japan
The task of a true leader is to create an organization that can transform and stay sustainable for the future. Measurable progress must be made in four key areas: Leadership Mindset, Management Processes, Information Technology, and Customer Engagement. In order for you to remain a leader, these four areas must form the ethos of your enterprise strategy.

This formula is exactly how Enna has helped organizations around the world transform themselves through intensive training in Japan and providing comprehensive on-site coaching that was designed by Taiichi Ohno (originator of Toyota Production System). No one can match our direct connection to the original thought leaders who created the principles and methods of Lean. With these principles becoming the standard around the world, you need more than just the basics to move ahead. With our exclusive connections, we can give you the extra step forward that you need.

Why train in Japan with Enna?

Next Available Training Dates in Japan
Studying about Lean tools and attending workshops alone will never be enough to sustain a true transformation unless you first develop your own willpower to drive change. Leaders need to gain the wisdom, knowledge, and willpower to understand the driving forces and power of Kaizen. You can only experience and absorb this knowledge with us in Japan. No one else offers this kind of knowledge to drive sustainable engagement within your business.

We give you wisdom that you can leverage as a leader to create your own company-wide culture that is open to breaking the status quo.
  • Observing standard work on a Lean Study Mission to Japan

Top 5 Values Offered with Enna's Mentoring in Japan

Next Available Training Dates
  1. Individual coaching by host leadership, followed by daily roundtable workshops with executive leadership

  2. Exclusive and customized mentoring programs that immerse you into the business, showing you authentic methods, mechanisms, and examples from various industries to help transfer knowledge

  3. Participation in engagement and leadership training at every layer of organizations

  4. Synchronization of key performance indicators to drive strategic decision making and ensure a successful Lean transformation

  5. Training guided by world-class host experts and exclusive thought leaders who continuously design your learning with attention to every detail of your enrichment

Meet Enna's clients sharing their breakthrough experiences in Japan

Next Available Training Dates
No matter what your industry, no matter what your level of understanding, we are confident you will find new directions, new discoveries, and new answers.

Customization of Training Content and Preparation

Next Available Training Dates
Enna has a track record of success by strategically incorporating Japan Study Missions to provide comprehensive training programs that other tour providers and Lean consultants simply cannot offer. Identifying the specific needs based on targeted discussions and optional on-site assessment of your organization is the first step in designing perfect training programs for your teams.

Stage 1: Customize & Prepare

Based on customized features of your training, you will be fully prepared by Enna for the intensive learning opportunities that you will encounter while in Japan. Providing you with these premium services, such as customization and preparation prior to your departure to Japan, will ensure that you make the most of your investment and meet your changing needs.

Stage 2: Strategize and Execute

Enna offers continued guidance upon completion of each training session in Japan. You will be supported in formulating action plans and provided with direct on-site coaching by Enna's qualified experts to realize and sustain your organizational transformation and development of inspirational leaders.

Depth of Customization Options Available for Your Training in Japan

Next Available Training Dates
Enna will fully customize and design your training activities in Japan, not only to expose you to best-in-class examples of Lean implementation, but also to ensure that you are equipped with the ability to bring back best practices and further develop them for your own organizations.

Scope of Training Customization:

  • Access to any industry, process, and function with specific subject matters to explore to overcome your challenges
  • Different levels of training for self learning, supervisors, management, and executive leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Different levels of training activities ranging from sustainability projects supported with word-class traction experts and senseis all all the way to executive management internships at best-in-class Lean organizations
  • Technical certification programs are offered to develop your own internal Lean trainers based on the newly discovered curriculum developed for Toyota and beyond.

Fundametal Training Programs

Enna's open enrollment training is ideal for individuals and small groups who are looking to advance their knowledge and develop a cohesive Lean program within their organization.

Advanced Transformation Program

Design and Develop Your Training

Customizations based on your true requirements will ensure your very first important step into the organizational transformation program focused on developing the right mindset, flexible management process, synchronized information technology, and discovering new innovations.

Specialized Training for Healthcare

We have delivered the greatest transformation in healthcare organizations through our focused training. With our experience we can accommodate the complexities in applying Lean to hospitals, clinics, research facilities and various administrative functions of the medical profession.
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Tour Leaders:

Enna's Jun Nakamuro leading a Japan Trip
Jun Nakamuro
Tour Director / Expert

Jun Nakamuro is endorsed to coach the Taiichi Ohno method of Lean and Kaizen beyond Toyota. Since 2007, he has undergone extensive training in Japan and received certification following the TPS guidelines officially approved by Taiichi Ohno himself. Ohno’s most successful protégé, Hitoshi Yamada, has recognized Jun’s achievement and recognized him as a successor of Ohno’s philosophy. Jun specializes in realizing transformation changes in Process, Mindset, and Technology in a simultaneous manner.

Beyond conventional industry wisdom, he has persistently sought to understand Lean and Kaizen on a deeper level. Over the last decades, Jun has gained extensive experience coaching in various industries, including healthcare. Most importantly, Jun’s mission is to bridge cultural barriers in order to spread the best concepts of Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen Culture, and Strategy Deployment to organizations around the world.

Collin McLoughlin leads a group on a Japan Trip
Collin McLoughlin
President of Enna / Tour Leader

Since Collin’s first experience in Japan he has lead numerous trips and personally trained over 4,000 people in best-practice management. If you have a problem, chances are this training and the access to experts in Japan will provide you with new ideas and techniques to implement in order to solve your problems. He is so encouraged to see the growth of every participant on the study mission that it emboldens him to continue to offer this experience. It truly is a very rewarding job to help and watch people grow in their professional development.

With Collin leading your study mission to Japan, you will have a perfect blend of scholastic aptitude, shop floor management, and executive experience that is unparalleled in applying theory to real-world application. Collin’s focus is always on coaching the participant with the knowledge necessary to succeed.

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